About the system

As designers, Mozaic Design System provides you with a lot of ready to use patterns.

What is a pattern?

A pattern is a repeating or reusable element of the interface like colors, text styles, icons, buttons or any generic components.
It can be applied or modified to meet a specific design problem, a user's need, evoke an emotion, reinforce the brand management.

The Mozaic design system UI Kit

The UI Kit is a set of sketch files to be used as libraries.
It contains all core styles as well as a collection of reusable components based on those core styles.

Useful tip

Read the What's included? page to know more about what is included in the designer kit before using it.

About the UI Kit versions

Each UI Kit version corresponds to the same design system version and use the semantic versioning naming convention.

All patterns are available at the same time with a common version number for both designers and developers.

For example, the button you will get in the v 1.0.5 of the UI kit will be the same as the button available for developers in the v 1.0.5 of the source code.