How to use the UI kit

1. Download the design files

Click here to Download the UI Kit

2. Create a dedicated directory

Create a directory somewhere on your computer (or a server) and store the previously downloaded UI kit files in it.

Useful tip

For better file management, we recommend that you follow these guidelines:

  • Create your folder where it will not be moved by mistake.
  • Never store anything else in the directory.

3. Import sketch files as libraries

  1. Open Sketch and go to Sketch’s Preferences [Command + Comma].
  2. Go to "libraries" tabs and click on the "Add Library..." button.
  3. Select all the files that are in the directory.


4. Update / Use another version of UI kits

be careful

Before making any file updates, please read the release notes. It may contain changes you do not have anticipated.

  1. Download the desired version of the UI kit.
  2. Replace all files in the directory you created with the newly downloaded ones.
  3. If new files are present in this version, you may have to add them as a library as described in the previous "import" section.
  4. Update your sketch files that use the UI kit libraries by clicking the update button.

sketch update