What's included ?

The UI Kit is a set of sketch files to be used as libraries.

It contains all core styles as well as a collection of reusable components based on those core styles.

Useful tip

Read the Naming convention page to understand the naming convention used in all sketch files.


  • [AA]Aspect rations.sketch
  • [AA]Colors.sketch
  • [AA]Fonts.sketch
  • [AA]Icons.sketch
  • [AA]Shadows.sketch


  • [BA]Bodies.sketch
  • [BA]Buttons.sketch
  • [BA]Flags.sketch
  • [BA]Forms.sketch
  • [BA]Headings.sketch
  • [BA]Heros.sketch
  • [BA]Links.sketch
  • [BA]Ratings.sketch
  • [BA]Tags.sketch
  • [BB]Notifications.sketch

Download the UI Kit here