Installing Mozaic require node v12 +

As for now, @mozaic-ds/** repositories are public registries on NPM. You need to be granted to have access to the repositories.

Install repositories:

npm install --save @mozaic-ds/<name-of-your-package>

Available packages

The ones you are most likely interested in:

  • @mozaic-ds/css-dev-tools: tools for css like PostCSS plugins and linters config
  • @mozaic-ds/styles: source .scss files
  • @mozaic-ds/tokens: tokens json sources as well as compiled ones
  • @mozaic-ds/sketch-libraries: the sketch designs files
  • @mozaic-ds/web-fonts: the webfonts used by mozaic
  • @mozaic-ds/icons: the icon svg files library


we also packaged gatsby extensions that we developed in order to create the styleguide website

  • @mozaic-ds/gatsby-github-release: a gatsby plugin that helps us get the older versions of the design system docs
  • @mozaic-ds/source-directory-tree: a gatsby plugin to get the directory and file structure in order to build the styleguide menu
  • @mozaic-ds/source-pattern: a gatsby plugin build the live examples displayed in the styleguide
  • @mozaic-ds/theme-styleguide: the gatsby theme with the components and configuration used to build the styleguide UI