Contact us

There are three main ways to get quick help from Mozaic. And they’re all pretty simple:

1 - Via Slack.

We have a dedicated slack channel inside Adeo’s global Slack account. It’s called #mozaic-support. Usually, we take few minutes to answer. But depending on your timezone it might get a few hours on week-days. There’s just one rule: Questions should be posted in English.

2 - Via Github

There’s another way, in case you don’t have access to slack, we can use GitHub issues as well. We might take a few hours to check that. Truth is, we’re not that used to receive GitHub issues. But as far as this gets popular, our response time will gain speed proportionally. There’s just one rule: Questions should be posted in English.

3 - Via e-mail

Old but gold, e-mails never fail. But it’s true that it might take more time for us to answer via this channel. So we’d prefer to recommend you using either Slack or Github for proper and fast support. Currently, we support English and French by e-mail 🙃 ! : charles-antoine.queste (at) ext.leroymerlin (dot) fr

For now, you can ask our help with any topic related to Mozaic’s usage, application, installation, contribution and such.

It’s not weird if we provide you with a link for documentation that would help saving time for both parties. That’s why it’d be really useful if you could provide us with feedback after reading documentation. Thank you!