Text area


A text area is used to fill multi-line text. They share appearence and states with text inputs.

Text areas are used for content with multiple sentence like:

  • Description
  • Review message
  • Feedback
  • ...



Text areas are a combination of the following mentions. Please note that you can use four different cases:

  • Label only + input
  • Label + requirement + input
  • Label + requirement + help text + input
  • Label + help text + input
  • Input only


The label helps the user to understand what information is needed in the text area.


This mention allows to specify that this information is mandatory for the text area to be valid.

Useful tip

Please note that this mention can also be used to say a specific text area is optional when the other ones are mandatory.

Help text

Help text corresponds to a relevant piece of information to make sure the user understands what is needed.

Input only

In specific use cases, you can use a text area without label.

Do's and Don'ts

Always use a textarea to fill multi-line texts.

Allow users to resize the field height to see more or less the content.

A textarea height should allow at least 3 lines of text.

Adapt the textarea width and height depending on the requested content type and length.