Submit a bug fix

If you want to fix a bug, prior to that it is better to have a related issue or jira ticket describing the bug, and a quick talk with the core team. The core team can provide time saving informations and guidance. First read the report a bug section

If you are quite sure about the bug you want to adress, and that nobody already working on it, we encourage you to create a pull request.

Create a Pull Request

If you have the opportunity, we recommend you to submit a Pull Request containing the correction to this bug.

We will check that the PR…

  • The PR title and commits messages follows our conventions
  • If it is related to CSS, that the PR follow our css conventions
  • The docs are updated if necessary
  • That there is no breaking changes
  • That the fix do not have undesired sides effects

Submit a fix on a sketch library

If the bug fix is related to a sketch library : Please follow the designer contribution guidelines

Merge criterias

Fixing a bug only require 1 review from the core team. We will try to treat bugs with the highest priority.