About the system

Mozaic is the ADEO’s multi-brand Design System, powered by enthousiast designers and developers, designed to help set up a coherent human experience and reinforce the team's delivery time. To meet our Customer-centric purposes, the design system offers a large catalogue of ready-to-use components.


From the simplest to the most complex component, we have built the design system in a flexible way to improve it over the years and help product teams to deliver the best experiences. Each component is documented and aims to answer the specific needs of ADEO company and its brands.

There is no design without constraints. We take in consideration the following criteria:

  • Design standards
  • Ergonomy rules
  • Accessibility
  • Technical feasibility
  • Functional first


TypeMaintained byInitiated by
Design TokensCore teamCore team
StylesCore teamCore team & Community
Simple componentsCore team & CommunityCore team & Community
Complex componentsCore team & CommunityCommunity
Data visualisationCore team & CommunityCommunity
Patterns (Soon)To be definedCommunity


Core packagesCore team
Mozaic-VueCore team and Community
Mozaic-WebComponentsCore team and Community
Mozaic-ReactCore team and Community
Mozaic-AngularCore team and Community
Mozaic-FigmaCore team, UI Leads and Comminity