Report a bug

We do our best to make MOZAIC a simple, turnkey, and stable tool; however, you may encounter bugs when using it (see below the section "What we call a bug" for more information). If you discover a bug when using a MOZAIC component, please tell us.

How to report a bug ?

One way to report a bug is to create an issue in the MOZAIC project on Github using the dedicated template.

Tell us on the mozaic-support slack channel

Connect to the slack #mozaic-support channel on Adeo’s global Slack account, and

Submit a bug fix directly

You can submit a bug fix, but note the bug could be potentially being adressed or trickier than expected to fix. So we recommend that you report it first so the team can give you a quick feedback.

If you are confident about the bug fix, please read our submit a bug fix documentation first.

What we call a bug

Among the bugs you may encounter, here are some examples we have identified:

Design issue

  • non usable: the symbol can't be customized
  • usage doesn't correspond: the symbol doesn't correspond to the purpose for which it is to be used
  • not responsive: the symbol behaves badly on some or all screen resolutions

Dev' issue

  • broken preview: previewing the code of a component doesn't work
  • HTML error: the HTML code doesn't behave as indicated in the documentation
  • CSS error: CSS doesn't match the associated HTML / CSS doesn't load / there is an error in the CSS code
  • icon error: the icon name doesn't match the visual / the icon doesn't load / you have the wrong icon size

This list isn't exhaustive, so if you encounter a bug that doesn't appear in the cases mentioned above, don't hesitate to contact us via the channel