Pattern enhancement

When using MOZAIC patterns, it may happen that they do not fully meet your needs. For example:

  • You want to use another type of pattern variation (color, size, etc...)
  • You want to use the pattern in an other usage than the one defined by default in MOZAIC
  • You want to make the pattern responsive to a resolution not implemented by default in MOZAIC
  • You want to make the pattern more accessible
  • etc...

In these cases where an improvement of the pattern seems necessary, two possibilities are available to you:

  1. Suggest a pattern enhancement
  2. Submit a pattern enhancement

Suggest a pattern enhancement

Talk to the MOZAIC core team about it

One way to suggest a pattern enhancement is to discuss it with the MOZAIC core team.

For this purpose, the dedicated #mozaic-support channel is available on Adeo's global Slack account.

Create an Issue on Github

Another method (recommended) is to create an Issue in the MOZAIC project on Github using the dedicated template.

Submit a pattern enhancement

If you have the opportunity, you can directly submit the improvement you want to implement by creating a Pull Request.

For more details, please read our documentation about Pull Request.

Note that a pattern enhancement require only the core team validation to be merged.