The Year 2022 will focus on 4 major topics: Completion of the libraries, Quality & Accessibility, Product Experience & Developer Experience.

Q1 2022


  • New accessible colour palette
  • New components: Dataviz, Dropdown, Loader, etc.
  • UX Writing guidelines
  • Icon Set available in DAMEO (Adeo's CDN)


  • Setup of TypeScript on Vue to improve the code's quality
  • Mobile needs (Android & iOS)
  • Vue3 showcase
  • Stable version of the Web-Components
  • Setup customisation of React library
  • Icon set refactor on Figma to make updates easy and allow to keep colour overrides

Product Experience

  • Design system website re-design
  • ADEO theme showcase available
  • Components status
  • Primary-02 (LEROY MERLIN Campus) previews and usage documentation removed
  • New badge called "First issue" on GitHub to identify easy issues to start to contribute on the design system

Future plans

  • Continue the setup of TypeScript on other libraries
  • Primary-02 (LEROY MERLIN Campus) totally removed
  • Do's and Don'ts section improvement
  • Components use cases previews
  • CI/CD unification on all repositories
  • Setup project templates with KOBI