Add a new pattern

If you are a designer you also need to read the Definition of Done for Sketch symbols contribution page

MOZAIC being an evolving and collaborative tool, you are free to propose new patterns.

However, here are some recommendations to take into account before you start:

1. Make sure that the pattern doesn't exist

First of all, please check that the pattern you want to create doesn't already exist or isn't being created.
For that, all you need to do is to:

2. (For Front-Ends) Make sure that the design version exists

A pattern is often a combination of two aspects: design and front-end.
Therefore you don't have to create the code of a new pattern until a design version match to it.

So please check the existence of the design version of your pattern by:

  • Asking the question to your team's designers
  • Approaching the designers of the MOZAIC core team via the channel #mozaic-support on Slack

3. Discuss with the core team

In some case you may want to discuss the utility of the pattern before. It may spare you some work.

If you want to discuss about a pattern before submitting it :

  • You can create an issue in the main repo with the right label and convention
  • You can also go to the channel #mozaic-support on Slack

4. Let's go

After checking all these points, you can now add your new pattern: Submit a new pattern.