Designer guide

Human first

As ADEO is an international company, the English language is used in all documents and information materials to include everyone.

UI Kits

Figma Variables

Version 2 of the ADEO Design System is currently being designed and will provide a brand-new UI Kit made with Figma's Variables. Current UI Kits will be unpublished following the release of the new version.

We offer various UI Kits, depending on the brand you work for. Here is the brands covered by the design system:

Good to know

Each component has its own Figma file to facilitate maintenance and to avoid designers loading everything if they only need a certain number of components on their mock-ups.

File naming convention

PrefixPattern typeDescription
01.Styles & UtilitiesColours, Text styles, Shadows, Icons, Logotypes, etc.
02.ComponentsEvery components, simple or complex as well
03.Beta ComponentsBeta components in experimentation on design files, or waiting for contribution
04.Data VisualisationCharts components

Figma access

ADEO's Figma Organisation is divided into several teams, dedicated to the platforms and Business Units, and each component library is already set up according to the brand or scope. You will find everything you need inside the Assets panel.

Internal use only

Please, note that Figma is only available for internal use. Ask to your Head of UX for access to the tool and get an Editor's license.