An icon is a graphic representation of an object, a message or a movement. It's different from an illustration because of its simplistic aspect. An icon must be recognisable at first sight so that the user can understand the information or the action it is intended to represent. Icons may be a visual guide to help the user to navigate on leroymerlin.fr faster.


An icon must be :

Easy to understand

Use cases

An icon can be used in different cases on leroymerlin.fr.

Icons allows to emphasise an action et make it easier to understand. An icon can be used in a button without a label to gain space in interfaces.

2. Dropdown and input

In these cases, the icon is used to guide the user in the action he needs to do. It's also a visual help about the content of the box that is going to open.

3. Quantity and scrolling

Icons can be used to change a quantity or to scroll different options. Icon use in this case is totally functional and usually results of two opposed actions.

4. Close and delete

Close icons are very well know by users to close panels or delete options.

5. Illustration and informative

Icons are used to illustrate what is going to detail.