File uploader


File uploader sketch file is merged with the global [BA]Forms file :

The sketch file includes other form elements. Here is the section you'll find the file uploader : fileuploader-sketch-menu

👾 For developers :

This part is a specific section for developers, for a better accessibility. These are all states of Mozaic file uploader.

They are all available with the hover and focus preview.

🛠 ToolKit :

The ToolKit section brings together the dedicated symbols used for building the final symbols, and you can find them in the symbol overrides.

Never use the toolkit symbols in your project.

File uploader :

This is the section where you will find the ready to use symbols for your projects. You can find the different states of the file uploader.

  • Default
  • With a single file
  • With a removable single file
  • With multiple files
  • With removable multiple files